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Precious time

Rations day 3 (year 3)

It’s day three of rations and today I had planned to give myself a break from the kitchen so that I could go to work for a while and also so that I could hand some of the responsibility for feeding the children to my husband. During a normal week we take it in turns to cook, but this week it’s all on me.

So this morning Bryn had jam on toast and I had cornflakes, before disappearing for a rest at work for an hour.

Lunch did require some effort, digging potatoes from the garden, washing, peeling and cooking them for lunch and also preparing a salad, but this was manageable and it is always one of my favourite meals, so I didn’t mind.

I managed to get a few more bits done this afternoon, including cutting some fresh flowers from the garden, and then Bryn and my husband headed for the fish and chip shop, I was so relieved to have a break from cooking.

Two things have occurred to me today; the first is that we have eaten A LOT of potatoes, this is certainly not a low carb diet! Secondly, I have thought about how precious time is and how sometimes, okay, often, I cram so much into my days that I run out of time to even think about meals and what we are eating. I get mum guilt because my children don’t always get their five a day, but equally I feel guilty if I can’t do everything I need to do, or that I have said I would do. Parenthood eh – You just can’t win!

I will do my best to make a little bit more time to consider what we are eating on a daily basis and make a meal plan so that I don’t end up buying more than we need. I have found the plan really helpful and the children like to know what they are going to eat too.

Tomorrow we are off to visit some war time tunnels and we are going out for lunch, so that’s one less meal to think about!

Bryn’s thoughts:

Breakfast – Jam on toast 10/10

Lunch – Potatoes and salad (Ham for mum) 10/10

Dinner – Chip shop chips (Mum had fish too) Fish and chips were not rationed during the war to keep up morale on the home front. 10/10

Today I’ve been digging a trench in the garden with my little brother, we found lots of old bits of old Victorian smoking pipes and we played for a long time in a shelter that we built and got very muddy! I’m looking forward to visiting some wartime tunnels tomorrow. #digforvictory #vegetables #Cookery #fishandchips #food #kent #Simplelife #thedotrythisathomeschool #homeschool

This blog was originally posted on 31st July 2019 on our old website.

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