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Not the Norm

Not the Norm is a small company run by a fellow reflexologist and mother, Tania Wedin.

She has hand-selected and developed a small range of products that truly make a real difference to peoples' lives. 

All the products she sells are safe, natural and effective, and we will give you as much support as you need before, during and after your journey with us. Not only can the supplements and skincare products we have chosen to manufacture or distribute help transform your life, they often have a story too.

Shade sunscreen.jpg

Shade All-Natural Sunscreen

I recently discovered Not the Norm via their Shade All- Natural Sunscreen, as my youngest child appears to be allergic to all shop bought sun creams.

I apply Shade Sunscreen liberally to his little face and arms and he doesn't complain at all. It doesn't make him itch or his skin flare up. I apply slightly more often than I would usually, but it is certainly helping to keep his skin protected.

We also ensure that we all wear hats, cover up as much as possible and avoid the midday sun.

If you would like to try it for yourself, it is available for as little as £3.75 from the Not the Norm website.

You can get an extra 15% off this and many other products on the website using my referral code SARAHVAUGHAN

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