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About The Do Try This at Home School

The Do Try This at Home School was founded on 4th July 2016 and the core ethos, to offer creative, fun and inspiring ways for children and families to learn together, remains at the heart of this organisation.

Over time The Do Try This at Home School has grown and changed organically and I am always extremely humbled by the people who choose to follow my social media pages, comment on my posts, visit my website and read my blogs, it means a great deal to me.

As this evolution has occurred, my sense of what The Do Try This at Home School is, what it could become and what it could achieve, has developed and there is now a strong and clear ethos.

The Do Try This at Home School believes that:

  • All children should have time and space to learn through play, creativity and hands on interaction, at their own level and in their own chosen subjects.


  • Families are essential for encouraging and developing children’s interests. The first place that a child begins to learn is within the family and so it stands to reason that families should be involved in learning as the child grows. There is a wealth of knowledge within the home and wider family.


  • You don’t need to be a teacher to teach your child. I know that this is controversial, but as a trained teacher, I can tell you that many of the people who have taught me most have not been teachers. Parents, there is so much that your child can learn from you, beyond the academia of the classroom, have confidence in the value of what you can teach them.


  • The child should be at the centre of their own learning. Follow their lead, find out about the things that interest them and you will learn so much.


  • The best classrooms don’t have walls. If you can get outside, go outside. It’s the most interactive, thought provoking and inspiring classroom we have. I believe that by spending time outside, children reconnect with the world around them and will understand more fully, why we need to care for our environment.


All activities suggested by The Do Try This at Home School should:

  • Be something that can be done at home.

  • Not require expensive materials and equipment.

  • Be creative, interesting and fun.

  • Be accessible to all children.

  • Be a chance for families to learn together, ask questions together, find answers and enjoy spending time together.

About me...


My name is Sarah Vaughan, I am a mum of three, a trained Primary School Teacher, Early Years Professional, Holistic Therapist, Children’s Author and the Founder of The Do Try This at Home School.

I have worked with children and families in a wide variety of roles, over the past twenty two years and I have an overwhelming fascination with education and the way in which children (and adults) learn and how this impacts upon them.

My inspiration for starting The Do Try This at Home School came from two sets of important people in my life. Firstly, it came from observing my own children and the ways in which they learn new things every single day. Secondly, it came from my paternal grandparents, without whom I would never be where I am today.

My grandparents, Mr and Mrs Wrathall, were both qualified teachers who left the world of state education when they were in their 50's. They moved to Kent to become co-founders of St Faiths at Ash Independent School, along with my great aunt who was a fabulous cook for all of the school children, my aunt, another outstanding teacher, my Uncle who was in charge of maintaining the school and building the swimming pool and my cousin. It was a real family affair and from small beginnings, with only 4 pupils, their vision has grown into an extremely successful Independent school.

Not only did my grandparents inspire me with their sheer hard work and determination, but they also taught me to teach and supported through all of my training. If ever I was stuck on something, “a cuppa tea for a poor student” and a good chat always re-focused me.

I hope that they would be as proud of The Do Try This at Home School as I am.

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