Writing has always been a passion of mine and bizarrely, since having my three children, I’ve written more than ever before. From running my own blog, Sarah and Louise Mum’s The Word, with my best friend for 18 months and writing columns in a local newspaper, to writing posts for The Guardian Online “Secret Teacher", and for the Kent Teach Blog, writing has become a huge part of my life.

As a mother, I have often found myself making up bedtime stories for my children, particularly my eldest son who has dyslexia and autism and finds reading and the enjoyment of texts, quite a challenge. This has led me to the infinitely enjoyable world of children’s literature, my happy place, where anything is possible.

Timmy’s Time Travelling Toilet, was written with and for my eldest son to inspire him to engage with the art and excitement of storytelling, whilst simultaneously being jam packed with historical facts. 

EXCITING NEWS!!! Mary The Hairy Fairy, Where's my Dummy and Timmy's Time Travelling Toilet are now available to buy on Amazon, click on the links below. 20% of all profit from book sales goes directly to The Play Well Trust.

Mary The Hairy Fairy on Kindle (Click here).

Mary The Hairy Fairy in Paperback (Click here).

Where's My Dummy? paperback (Click here).

Where's My Dummy? Kindle (Click here).

Timmy's Time Travelling Toilet on Kindle (Click here).

Timmy's Time Travelling Toilet in Paperback (Click here).

The Play Well Trust

The Play Well Trust is a brand new project founded and part funded by Sarah Vaughan.

There are four main themes that run through The Play Well Trust; Play, Education, Laughter and Healing and these are the cornerstones of all of the work we do with children and families.


The aims of The Play Well Trust are:


  • To support children who are too unwell to attend school or nursery and help their families, through the use of play based activities.

  • To champion the use of play based learning.

  • To build and strengthen family relationships when a child is unwell, through the use of play and other therapies.


At The Play Well Trust we believe wholeheartedly that play is essential to wellness and although, sadly, play is not a cure for all illness, it can certainly help with healing in all sense of the word. Play is a universal language.


Play can help to heal relationships between siblings.

Play can help to heal relationships between children and parents or carers.

Play helps children to work through thoughts and feelings that are difficult to understand.

Play offers children a way to express themselves.


And, most importantly….


Play offers children a chance to be children and a chance to enjoy the moment.


Play is a powerful tool.

To find out more about The Play Well Trust click here to visit the website.

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