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Hello Rations! We missed you.

Rations day 1 (Year 2)

When Bryn suggested that we do rations week again this year I was very pleased, firstly that he had enjoyed his experience last year, but also that I would get the opportunity for another week of a much simpler and slower way of life.

Living on World War Two rations last year affected me deeply and it has impacted upon my life ever since. I can honestly say that it was one of the happiest experiences of my life and it was a time when I felt completely content.

As a direct result of that week I am much more conscious to not waste food and my shopping bill has decreased considerably. I have also found that I want much less generally, I am happy with what I have, I like the make-do and mend way of life and I feel much more connected to my grandparents and great grandparents.

This year we have again made our own Dig for Victory garden, and the children have helped me to plant seeds and keep things watered. This winter was very long and we had a lot of snow, followed by a summer that has been insanely hot, so I have experienced first-hand the anxiety that families might have felt during the rationing years, worrying about whether their crops would survive.

Fortunately we have managed to grow enough to feed us, and we have also employed some negotiation skills today to get us some extra eggs and fruit and veg.

Our very kind friend allowed us to visit his chickens this morning for some eggs, and then a visit to Nanna’s house resulted in a bag of rhubarb, plums, French beans and beetroot in exchange for a ream of paper.

I was slightly more prepared this year for the amount of time I would need to spend in the kitchen, especially on the first day, because bread would need to be baked as well as all of the meals being prepared. However, it has still been a bit of a shock and a very long day, with lots of cooking and cleaning. I had done two hours in the kitchen before 9am!

I have finally sat down, feeling extremely full and well nourished. Now it is time to rest ready for day 2 of our rations week tomorrow!

Bryn’s thoughts:

I was really looking forward to doing rations week again, because it was fun last year. I enjoyed going to get the eggs from the chickens this morning, I’ve never done that before and I also enjoyed the mashed potatoes at dinner time.

I have not enjoyed the sweet rations. THERE’S NOT ENOUGH!!

Scores for meals:

Breakfast: Cornflakes – 9/10

Lunch: War Time rolls (10/10) and Vegetable Soup (10/10) Mum has improved her recipe since last year!

Dinner: Veggie Sausages, mash, runner beans and carrots: 10/10

Pudding - Rhubarb and plum crumble (I was so full up I didn't have room for pudding!)

Snack: Honey Oat Buns (7/10) They would be nice with butter.

I’m looking forward to having pancakes for breakfast, with the eggs we collected today and I’m looking forward to pie at dinner time. I hope mum’s pastry has improved!

This blog was first published on 30th July 2018 on our old website

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