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The very first post: Who am I and what have I done?

Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog about the goings on at The Do Try This at Home School. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings! This time last year, I had no idea that on the 1st January 2017 I would be about to embark on a life changing journey into the unknown. I had no idea that I would have my own “school” that offered classes to children and families and I had no idea that my passion for education would bring me to start writing about it…And yet, here I am. It’s a funny old thing, life. I like the fact that we don’t know what’s around the corner! So, who am I? Well, I am Sarah Vaughan BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies and Social Science, PGCE in primary teaching, Infant massage Instructor and qualified reflexologist. Mum to three amazing children (Aged 8, 3 and almost 2), blogger with my best friend and now I am the founder of the Do Try This at Home School and home educator. The initial idea of The Do Try This at Home School, was to offer children and families fun and creative sessions in which to explore different subjects and develop their learning within that field. These would be run in school holidays and would show that there are many different ways for teaching and learning to take place. It was also to provide a collection of ideas for families to try at home to help with their child’s learning. Ideas are regularly updated on Facebook ( ) Instagram (thedotrythisathomeschool) and twitter (@dotrythisschool). However,now it will also be a place where I can give first hand insights into the world of home education. The ups and downs, the trials and tribulations and (I hope), the fun, the successes and the evolution of a new family dynamic where I’m no longer just ‘Mum’, now I’m also teacher… As I type these words, the reality of what we have undertaken as a whole family has really hit home. I am no stranger to the world of education. I have a career of over 18 years working with children and families teaching everything from algebra to social skills. Teaching is my passion, it’s in my blood, I’m always looking at the learning opportunities in situations and always asking myself “What am I teaching my children?” (Mainly when I’m doing something that I know I shouldn’t!) But the weight of someone’s entire education on my shoulders is somewhat daunting. I can’t blame anyone else if this goes wrong, but my children can blame me. On the other hand, (the hand that I’m going to focus on), this is an opportunity that not many people get. I have spoken to so many people, whose children are deeply unhappy in school for one reason or another and I’ve spoken to people whose children just don’t ‘fit’ the system. There may be additional needs, there may be anxiety and fear, shyness, or maybe, their child just doesn’t enjoy school and yet they feel helpless to do anything about it. I know that I am very fortunate to be in the situation where, firstly my husband and I can devote time to our children’s education as we are both self-employed. Secondly and most importantly to me, I have the complete backing of both my parents and my brother as well as lots of my wider family members. And finally I have a little security blanket of knowing a lot about child development and education, which may help or hinder proceedings. I’ve been absolutely blown away by people’s responses to this decision, which have all been along the lines of “if anyone can do it, you can!” I was not expecting that at all and was ready with a full list of reasons why I needed to home educate my son, so thank you so much to all of my friends and family… and if you were lying about your enthusiasm, thank you also! Right now I need all the positivity I can get! I will try and keep all of my blog posts upbeat and good humoured, though some days I may be pulling my hair out and I will also blog about that. I am not an expert in, well anything really, and certainly not in the art of home education. I will always be honest and am always open to comments. So here we go. 1st January 2017, the start of our home education journey…


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