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Strange times

I wanted to write something, anything, to capture the moment. This moment, when I am waking up on a Tuesday morning to find the world at a standstill, lockdown - to be precise.

Never, in peace time, has the world had to take such drastic measures. Life is uncertain, we are anxious and scared and fighting an enemy that we can’t see. Loved ones are separated; for how long? - we don’t know, and suddenly, all of the things that are truly important and valuable in this world, have come in to sharp focus. Family, friends, kindness and compassion.

The NHS is pushed beyond all limits and yet, every day, the cleaners and porters and doctors and nurses and paramedics and administrative staff all turn up and risk their lives to save the lives of total strangers.

Then there are the teachers, supporting the children of those key workers. The staff in the supermarkets doing their best to keep everyone fed and watered. The delivery drivers, who are working long hours to keep our country running as best as they can and so many others working for the benefit of the rest of us. I would like to say thank you, to every one of these people.

When we began our Dig for Victory project in 2017, I had no idea that the skills I would learn and the understanding I would develop would be as useful as they have been - Now, even more so.

It has helped me enormously over the past few weeks. My wartime spirit, with which I definitely have affinity, has kicked in. I am not fearful about food, I am growing it. I’ve done a full logistical assessment of every possible outcome on our home front for the next 6 months, and I think I am prepared.

Once more I am aware of how precious food is, how influential the weather and environment are on our ability to grow crops and how important it is not to waste our resources. I’ve found myself saying phrases that my Nan used to say like, “there’s no pudding until your plates are clean.” And now I understand why. She lived through WW2 and she knew the value of having food on the table.

I am looking forward to the day when this craziness all comes to an end, but equally, I intend to make the most of every precious moment with my family. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy spending uninterrupted quality time with my babies and I intend to grab it with both hands!

Keep safe everyone, stay at home. If you know someone is home alone, pick up the phone and give them a call.

Sarah. XX

This blog was first published on 24th March 2020 on our old website

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