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Rations day 4 (Year 1)

Today's Menu: (With Bryn's scores) Breakfast: War Toast and Jam (3/5)

Lunch: Chocolate cake at the tea room! (5/5) Mummy had jacket potato and there were toasted tea cakes and real tea and everything!

Dinner: Veggie cottage pie, runner beans and peas and War Time Bread (4.5/5)

My Thoughts: Today has been a busy one, we've been out of the house most of the day, but food has still been at the forefront of my mind. Making plans for dinner and working out timings for when I need to be home to start cooking. The reason we've been out today was to visit the new 1940's cafe in Ramsgate with my mum (Nanna)! The cafe is called The Home Front Tea Rooms and boy what a place it is. Perfect for our project. We walked in from Kings Street in Ramsgate town centre, and it was like stepping back in time. The tea room is absolutely beautiful. The decor was stunning and so detailed. The ladies who run the tea room were lovely and the food was simple, and tasty. Just as we've come to expect in our week so far. Bryn was most impressed that he could have a giant slice of chocolate cake! In WW2 cafes and fish and chip shops were allowed to offer "off ration" food. (Provided they could find the ingredients!) So this was a real treat for Bryn. We had a yummy lunch and a pot of tea with authentic tea cups and real tea with a strainer and everything!

As I started talking to one of the owners I discovered that she was an ex teacher and that she is hoping to make some worksheets and things for children to do when they visit the tea rooms. I would highly recommend a visit we had such a lovely time. Unfortunately the next part of my 'day out' was not so pleasant with a trip to the dentist, but hey, at least we have the NHS. It wasn't that bad really! By the time we arrived home and I had cleared up a bit time was ticking on. I had intended to make rhubarb crumble for pudding, but that didn't happen, so it's on the menu for tomorrow instead! We didn't need it today anyway, we are all stuffed! Bryn's thoughts: Today was awesome! I liked the 1940's tea room loads because it looked like we were in WW2. I especially liked the wallpaper and furniture and chocolate cake! I haven't really been hungry, there's been some nice food today. I helped Nanna pick some rhubarb and played in her garden with my brother and sister whilst mummy went to the dentist.

Last day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to going to Dover Castle with Nanna - Just us! #Rations #WW2 #history #primary #kent #Ramsgate #thedotrythisathomeschool #homeschool #homeeducation

This blog was first published 21st July 2017 on our old website.

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