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Rations day 3 (year 1)

Today we have had a busy day with a trip to RAF Manston and the Spitfire and Hurricane museum. We've had lots of fun and I even had time to bake another loaf of bread! Today's menu: (with Bryn's scores!) Breakfast: cornflakes (3/5)

Lunch: baked beans on wartime toast (2/5)

Dinner: Fish and Chips!! (5/5) Fish and chips were not rationed during the war to keep up the morale of the public. It certainly pleased us! 

Yesterday I also learned that my own great grandparents actually ran a fish and chip shop during part of WW2 in Rickmansworth. I never knew that! Here they are! 

My thoughts: We woke up today to a strange power cut. We had a tiny bit of power, enough to make the light bulbs glow a weird orange colour, but not enough to use any appliances. I found this rather fitting with our week of rations. It's quite nice not having power and it hasn't phased us at all, we often have power cuts out here, but this time I have that little bit of extra War Time spirit! Power cuts will not stop play! I went next door, as I always do in a power cut, to offer to fill their tea pot for them ( they have an electric cooker, we have a gas bottle). In exchange for hot water they gave me a cucumber from their greenhouse! Yesterday we swapped some scones for two beautiful lettuces! The joys of village life and lovely neighbours. I have the best neighbours in the world!

Living in this 1940's way has really surprised me. I feel like I'm on holiday. Even though I'm constantly cooking and washing up, there is something so pleasant about this slower pace of life. Time to really think about myself and my family. To focus on their well-being and nutrition without the usual stresses of everyday life and schedules. I feel much better in myself. If anyone is really feeling stressed out and in need of a holiday I would highly recommend taking a week out at home and living off rations. It's amazing. (I never thought I'd say that!) We are eating far less bread. Usually we get through a loaf a day. This week a loaf has lasted us two and a half days. We have, however, eaten a LOT of potatoes! I'm also more content with what I have. Not once this week (so far) have I looked at something someone else has and thought "I want that." Normally I love looking at beautiful houses in magazines and dreaming about living in a house like that. This week I've started making my own house look better. Painting chairs and furniture etc. Things I've been meaning to do forever!   Bryn's thoughts: I liked today because we went to Manston Airport and I learned about the Battle of Britain. I also saw lots of things about rationing. There were loads of WW2 planes- some of them we could climb up and look inside.  In the shop I bought a 50 cal bullet which is bigger than my hand. Today has been a good day. I was still a bit full from yesterday, I think by tomorrow it will feel quite normal living on rations. I'm looking forward to visiting the 1940's cafe in Ramsgate in the morning! 

#thedotrythisathomeschool #rations #ww2 #history #education #homeeducation #homeschool This blog was first published on 19th July 2017 on the old website.


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