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Photography lessons with Nanna

This week has been a struggle at times for me, I think the cold weather and everybody being stuck indoors, added to the fact that my youngest child is on a mission to never let me sleep again, have got to me a little bit.

It's ok. I'm not expecting every week to be a total success, all picnics and educational family days out, though that would be nice! I know that there will be times when home educating is more challenging, and that's fine. We've done what we can and I have also booked a little glamping trip, so that's something to look forward too!

We have still been doing lots of activities around Chinese New Year and thanks to my amazingly supportive family, my son has had a fantastic photography lesson with my mum! Below is her commentary of what they did in his first ever lesson. All photographs are taken by my 8 year old son!


So, for Bryn’s first photography lesson, he learned how to hold the camera properly. We then looked at 3 different rules of composition and went out into Sandwich to see if we could take some photos using these new techniques. We were looking for the ‘rule of third’s, ‘symmetry' and ‘leading lines’. We also had great fun taking shots directly into the sunlight with seagulls going bonkers fighting for our bread (which we had to buy in the co-op!)

We had a fabulous day together and we both learned so much! Here are some of Bryn’s images:

Firstly, Rule of Thirds:

Next: Leading Lines:

And Symmetry:

Then We had fun with the Seagulls!

And Bryn loved the composition of these beer barrels against the black wooden door:

And finally, we had fun looking into shop windows and seeing the amazing reflections - so much going on in these images!

Next time … we will look at 3 more rules of composition and will also see how light and shadow affects images.


Thank you to my lovely mum for this fabulous lesson. He loved it!

This blog was originally posted on 27th January 2017. Bryn took these photos when he was 8 years old.

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