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Rations day 2 (year 2)

Today has been another day spent at home, enjoying the simplicity of rationing and making the most of the people, space and food around us.

A key point that has arisen already for me, is that the less I have, the less I want. The best thing about rationing, for me personally, is that I stop focusing on all the things I don’t have and I start to feel much more grateful for everything I do have.

Being allowed to focus 100% on my children, my family and myself for five days is actually a real treat and it’s something that is so often interrupted by the needs and wants of the outside world. I doubt very much that I will be venturing into a shop or supermarket over the next few days and empty plates at the end of every meal are showing me that my family and I are much more appreciative of the food we have.

Today my husband decided to increase the time we spent directly with the children, by pretending there was an air raid and switching off the internet for 4 hours! We had a great time, once my eldest son had recovered from the shock! We played battleships, which he beat me at and then I took the younger two to play in the field in our village. Again, simplicity has been a key factor.

Another positive of rationing is that my fussy eating, history fanatic son, has suddenly taken an interest in meal times and is looking ahead on our menu to see what we are eating next!

I can’t pretend that it’s all easy, I am spending many hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning and at the end of the day I am exhausted, but happy. Today I have been grateful for the convenience of tinned food at lunch time, I’m not at all surprised by the rise in popularity of all convenience food after the war ended.

Health wise I am already feeling better, I’m not wanting to snack at all and the rationing of tea combined with no alcohol in the evenings is helping me to sleep better and feel calmer.

Bryn’s thoughts:

Breakfast: Pancakes made with some eggs from yesterday, sprinkled with sugar and strawberries – 10/10

Lunch: Beans on wartime toast – 9/10 (Mum had Lentil soup)

Dinner: Woolton pie (6/10) and roast potatoes (10/10)

I feel really full up, we’ve had a lot of food toady. I had fun beating mum at battle ships today. I didn’t like it when Dad pretended we had an air raid and he switched the internet off for HOURS!!!

I’m looking forward to fish and chips tomorrow and also having an orange!

*Please note that when I am cooking for the whole family I use rations for all five of us, otherwise the pie alone would have used all of mine and Bryn’s butter rations for the week! It’s amazing how much of the food other people just want to try, once they have seen it!

This blog was first published on 31st July 2018 on our old website.

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