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Hard Work on the Home Front

Rations day 2 (Year 3)

This will be quite a short blog post as I am exhausted from a day of cooking! I woke up thinking about food and, after managing to find half an hour to finish an interview that I have been writing for a week, I came downstairs to begin the day in the kitchen.

The pancakes went down well and Bryn ate 4! He had woken up hungry, which, for those of you who know my son, is nothing short of a miracle. After a quick clean-up operation I had to go out for an hour, before returning home to make lentil soup. I had needed to try and get some more work done, but this was pretty much impossible today.

My thoughts turned to all of those women during WW2 who not only fed their families on meagre rations, but who also went to work for long hours. How on earth did they manage?

For dinner I made Woolton pie with a pastry lid. I was quite pleased with my pastry this year, it was a bit rough around the edges, but it tasted much better than last years’ efforts. Bryn didn’t like it, but everyone else did and it was nice to see my whole family really tucking into their food without fussing and moaning because they didn’t like something on their plate.

I made today quite arduous on purpose, to remind myself that actually living like this day in and day out for 14 years was not all fun and games and actually it is hard graft, especially when you have to harvest and wash all of your veg before you have even started preparing and cooking it. Not to mention the added anxieties and uncertainties of living during a wartime, it must have been incredibly overwhelming.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s fish and chips and a bit of a break from the kitchen!

Bryn’s thoughts:

Breakfast: Pancakes with fresh fruit and honey (Bryn had a sprinkling of sugar) 10/10

Lunch: Lentil Soup and war time loaf 10/10

Dinner: Woolton Pie and roast potatoes 8/10 because I don’t like pastry!

Today I have been finishing off my Airfix kit and I learned how to put on all of the stickers with water and a paintbrush, it’s probably the most detailed model that I’ve ever made. I also built a model Titanic for my little brother. I haven’t really missed my phone or Xbox at all.

I’m really looking forward to chips shop chips tomorrow and I can eat my orange!

This post was originally published on 30th July 2019 on our old website.

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