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A bit of a go to work!

Rations Day 3 (year 2)

Today has been a bit less busy in the kitchen and in terms of cooking, I have only needed to bake a loaf of bread and cook potatoes for lunch. This break has been much appreciated, as were the fish and chips we had for dinner. Fish and chips were not rationed during WW2 to keep up the morale of the people, and believe me, they really deserved a treat!

Because I haven’t been cooking so much today, I was able to work for a couple of hours, which has also been a break of sorts. I can completely understand why many women didn’t want to return to the drudgery of being a house wife after WW2, instead wanting to work. I think I might have felt the same way, although now perhaps we have gone too far the other way, because having the time to get things done at home is also a luxury for me.

I discovered today, whilst reading my Victory Cookery book, that there used to be a radio programme on at 8.15 every morning for housewives to listen to, called “the kitchen front”. Here is a little clip about how they chose the recipes, it’s very funny!

Bryn’s thoughts:

Today has been good, I played in the garden with my brother and sister, which was OK until they got to have ice poles and I didn’t!

Tomorrow I am looking forward to going to the café for some cake.

Breakfast: Jam on toast (10/10)

Lunch: Salad, bread (mum had ham), boiled potatoes (8/10)

Dinner: Chips (Mum had fish too) (10/10)

Orange: (10/10) *during the war children were allowed 1 orange a week, if they were available. Bryn said it was the nicest fruit he’d ever had!

This blog post was first published on 1st August 2018 on our old website.

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