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Timmy's Time Travelling Toilet

Hello everybody! I've finally written another blog post... well actually it's a bit of a request for help from you and your children...

I'm currently in the midst of writing a children's story for a competition that closes in December and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to read this to your children and ask them for some feedback. Your own feedback would also be very welcome.

This story is probably suited to children aged 5-9 years. I started writing it for my son, who has an obsession with history, but I thought entering it into a competition would motivate me to finish it. Poor Timmy is currently suspended in time!

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Feel free to email me feedback thedotrythisathomeschool@gmail.com or leave a comment! Thank you. Sarah.

Timmy’s Time Travelling Toilet

By Sarah Vaughan

Timmy Turner was a stick of a boy with scruffy brown hair and eyes like chocolate buttons. He lived in a small terraced house on a long street with his parents (Mr and Mrs Turner), his little brother and sister (Peter and Rosie) and a sausage dog called Mr Poops.

Timmy was a happy little boy and he was especially happy when he was daydreaming about amazing inventions he wanted to make with his dad in their rickety old shed at the end of the garden. Timmy’s dad was a fantastic inventor and they would spend hours in the shed together at the weekends building their ideas.

Once they made a World War One aeroplane. It was so big that Timmy could sit inside and secretly (between you and me) he was working on an engine to make it fly!

Timmy was a very clever boy who loved science, history and inventing things. His teacher however, thought he was stupid. A daydreamer who would never amount to anything.

Miss Hardvile was as nasty as her name suggests. She was a wicked old woman with bony elbows, a crooked nose and a whiskery chin. Her teeth were the colour of a good mature cheddar cheese and Timmy thought that she had probably started teaching around the time of the dinosaurs.

She delighted in making the children in her class miserable with daily time’s table tests and hours of boring homework.

Luckily Timmy had some very good friends at school and every playtime they would think of imaginative ways to scare Miss Hardvile from the school, never to return again. Sadly, so far they had not succeeded.


The best thing about school, Timmy thought, was the school holidays. And one particular half term Timmy was laying on his bed enjoying one of his favourite books called “The Amazing History of EVERYTHING”. He was also enjoying a large glass of Mr Busy’s Fizzy Whizzy Pop. This was his favourite drink, mainly because it made him do enormous BURPS that shook the room! Mrs Turner did not let him have it very often, but as he was on school holidays he was allowed a treat.

The other side effect of Mr Busy’s Fizzy Whizzy Pop was that it also made Timmy need a wee… A LOT! Timmy had reached an especially exciting part of his book all about the Ancient Egyptians, and how the peasants building the pyramids managed to move the enormous stones without being squashed as flat as a pancake, but it was no good, he had to stop reading, the fizzy pop was having its usual effect. He was going to have to make a run for the toilet.

Jumping off his bed Timmy made a dash for the door. His journey to the bathroom would not be an easy one; first he would need to tiptoe between Peter’s train track, which he was playing with on the landing, and then scramble into the bathroom without standing on the tiny hair brushes that were strewn across the floor where Rosie had been playing Pony hairdressers. One false move could end in a painful injury.

One last jump over Mr Poops, who was fast asleep, and finally Timmy made it to the toilet – Just in time. Phew!

When he had finished he flushed the toilet and washed his hands (properly; with the soap; between his fingers; front and back) just like his mum had told him to. She would often sing “If you don’t wash your hands when you go to the loo, you might get a tummy ache and have runny….” Well you get the idea!

As Timmy washed his hands and hummed his song he looked at the water swirling around the plughole. He noticed it was all going in a clockwise direction. Looking in the flushing toilet he saw that exactly the same thing was happening.

Now most children would think ‘hmmm, that’s nice,’ and go on their merry way, but not Timmy. Oh no! Timmy was a curious child and he wanted to know why. Why did the water flow clockwise? What if it went the other way? Would it change the space time continuum? (Probably not, but hey it was worth a try.)

Timmy set about filling the sink and pulling the plug. He tried everything he could to make the water flow the other way and used any tools he had to hand: Tooth brushes, dad’s shaving foam, Rosie’s pony hair brushes and a little yellow rubber duck, but nothing would change the direction of the swirling water.

Maybe the toilet would be different he thought, but flush after flush the same thing happened. Then an idea hit him like a bolt of lightning. When I pull the lever down the water flows this way, he thought, so therefore when I push the lever upwards it MUST flow the other way. (Don’t try this at home kids!)

Like any good scientist Timmy pondered his theory some more. It made perfect sense and he concluded he should test his hypothesis. Stepping up to the toilet he reached out his hand, grabbed the lever and gently pushed it upwards whilst looking at the water below him.

At first nothing happened, but then Timmy noticed that the water was starting to move in the opposite direction. Woooo! He was right! But what happened next Timmy could have never predicted.

Right before his eyes the water in the toilet started to change colour. At first it was green and a bit whiffy! Timmy wondered if this was the effect of Mr Busy’s Fizzy Whizzy pop in the plumbing, but then the spinning water started to fill with all sorts of colours, pink, brown, electric blue, violet and orange! Round and round it went. Timmy could feel himself getting dizzy. Suddenly there was a huge blue flash. Mr Poops came running into the bathroom to see what was happening.

There was a loud POP and a BANG and quick as a flush, Timmy and Mr Poops were gone.


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