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Is Home Education the right choice for us?

Have you been considering home schooling your children on a more permanent basis? Have you wondered what it would be like to forget the school run and enjoy the autonomy of a very different way of life? Maybe you are thinking about using it as a breathing space so that you can look for new ways forward for your children who are finding school difficult at the moment, but don’t know if this is a right decision? Or maybe you are just curious about home educating and would like to know more.

 Our “is home education for us?” course offers you a little insight into the world of home education and will guide and support you through the decision-making process to enable you to decide for yourself whether or not home education is the right path for you and your family.

The course contains 5 carefully designed modules to help you deeply consider your own thoughts and feelings and invites you to engage your whole family in this important decision.  Each module contains a short video  which is followed by some reflective exercises for you to do. Each activity encourages you to think deeply about your own experiences and beliefs around education and learning, so you may like to keep a journal or write notes to guide you.

The course is Presented by the founder of The Do Try This at Home School, Sarah Vaughan BA (hons) PGCE. Sarah has a background in education and has worked creatively and therapeutically to support children and families to learn together for almost 25 years.

Sarah is also a mother of three, a qualified holistic therapist and she has experience of educating her own children at home.

We hope that this course brings you the reassurance and clarity that you need to make the right decision for you and your family.


Your investment in this course is £50, for which you will receive access to all five modules including PDF handouts. 

To buy this course click here. (The link will take you to another website.)

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