Precious Time

It’s day three of rations and today I had planned to give myself a break from the kitchen so that I could go to work for a while and also so that I could hand some of the responsibility for feeding the children to my husband. During a normal week we take it in turns to cook, but this week it’s all on me. So this morning Bryn had jam on toast and I had cornflakes, before disappearing for a rest at work for an hour. Lunch did require some effort, digging potatoes from the garden, washing, peeling and cooking them for lunch and also preparing a salad, but this was manageable and it is always one of my favourite meals, so I didn’t mind. I managed to get a few more bits done this afternoon, inclu

Hard Work On The Home Front

This will be quite a short blog post as I am exhausted from a day of cooking! I woke up thinking about food and, after managing to find half an hour to finish an interview that I have been writing for a week, I came downstairs to begin the day in the kitchen. The pancakes went down well and Bryn ate 4! He had woken up hungry, which, for those of you who know my son, is nothing short of a miracle. After a quick clean-up operation I had to go out for an hour, before returning home to make lentil soup. I had needed to try and get some more work done, but this was pretty much impossible today. My thoughts turned to all of those women during WW2 who not only fed their families on meagre rations,

Someone's son...

Hello everyone and welcome to our third year of rations here at The Do Try This at Home School. Firstly I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contacted me and asked to join in with us this year, I have been really touched by your kind words and enthusiasm for the project. So, day 1 of year three has gone like this: This morning I woke up and sorted out my tea rations, a very important job indeed! I love my little tea pot and tea cups, they instantly transport me into the world of rations and calm. Feeling slightly more energetic after some tea, I made breakfast and then cooked the pea soup ready for lunch so that we would have time to visit RAF Manston History Museum and The S

Give us this day our daily bread

So, it’s the day before we begin rations week and this year I’ve made sure, in true home front fashion, that I’m prepared. I have baked the bread, stocked the cupboards, got my meal plan printed and stuck to the kitchen wall, and I am looking forward to a week of indulgence - not in the sense of extravagance and greed, but indulging myself in the simple pleasures of life. Indulging myself in time to focus on my family, their needs and their nutrition and taking some time to be grateful for all we have. Baking bread always brings me a sense of calm and contentment. There is something therapeutic about the feel of the dough, the smell, the tactile kneading and the delicious aroma of baking

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