A picnic in the park

So here we are, the end of another rations week and, just like last year, I am sad to be stopping - not because I have developed a sudden love of cookery, but because rationing seems to have made our pace of life slow right down. We have found fascination and contentment in the everyday and we have also made time to do many things we wouldn’t usually do. Today we went for a picnic. A real picnic with crocheted blankets and a wicker basket and homemade food. We sat beneath a shady tree and chatted and ate food together. The children played on rope swings and appeared much more free and independent than usual. There were no arguments or fights, they just played nicely. Bryn also had his friend

Stepping back in time

Today we’ve been to The Home Front Tea Rooms in Ramsgate for lunch. We love it there because it’s just like stepping back in time to the 1940’s. The attention to detail in the décor is fantastic and the food is simple and delicious. Also, because cafés, like fish and chip shops, weren’t bound by rations, we could order whatever we fancied from the menu. Bryn was so happy about this, he just ate lots of cake for lunch! Here are some photos of the tea rooms. It was a beautiful day, and we drove past Ramsgate harbour, which was looking stunning in the sunshine. We were inspired to stop further around the coast at Pegwell Bay, again simplicity was a key factor as we spent an hour walking by the

A bit of a break… to go to work!

Today has been a bit less busy in the kitchen and in terms of cooking, I have only needed to bake a loaf of bread and cook potatoes for lunch. This break has been much appreciated, as were the fish and chips we had for dinner. Fish and chips were not rationed during WW2 to keep up the morale of the people, and believe me, they really deserved a treat! Because I haven’t been cooking so much today, I was able to work for a couple of hours, which has also been a break of sorts. I can completely understand why many women didn’t want to return to the drudgery of being a house wife after WW2, instead wanting to work. I think I might have felt the same way, although now perhaps we have gone too far

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