Keeping life simple

Today has been another day spent at home, enjoying the simplicity of rationing and making the most of the people, space and food around us. A key point that has arisen already for me, is that the less I have, the less I want. The best thing about rationing, for me personally, is that I stop focusing on all the things I don’t have and I start to feel much more grateful for everything I do have. Being allowed to focus 100% on my children, my family and myself for five days is actually a real treat and it’s something that is so often interrupted by the needs and wants of the outside world. I doubt very much that I will be venturing into a shop or supermarket over the next few days and empty pla

Hello Rations - We missed you!

When Bryn suggested that we do rations week again this year I was very pleased, firstly that he had enjoyed his experience last year, but also that I would get the opportunity for another week of a much simpler and slower way of life. Living off world war two rations last year affected me deeply and it has impacted upon my life ever since. I can honestly say that it was one of the happiest experiences of my life and it was a time when I felt completely content. As a direct result of that week I am much more conscious to not waste food and my shopping bill has decreased considerably. I have also found that I want much less generally, I am happy with what I have, I like the make-do and mend wa

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