Nanna's Photography Lesson 2

Life has been pretty hectic over the past few weeks, with half term being spent clearing and decorating the attic in an attempt to make a little more 'learning space' in out tiny cottage, so blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. However, we have been learning lots as usual. Here is Bryn's latest photography lesson with Nanna. **** This week the weather was freezing - it had been my intention to try and combine some technical skills with having some fun - we were going to set up some of Bryn’s little model railway people on the beach at Margate and see what effects we could create using the aperture priority setting (AV or fStop). Unfortunately, when we got to Margate it was absolutely fr

Find a different angle

I’m sitting here, typing in a state that I can’t quite describe. It’s a combination of utter relief and deep sadness. A sense that we can now move forward and a sorrow that I couldn’t bring this about sooner. Today (11th January 2017), my eldest son was diagnosed with dyslexia with possible elements of dyspraxia. I’ve known he was dyslexic since he was 4, I recognised his difficulties with language, phonics, spelling, reading, short term memory and areas of mathematics, as well as many other signs along the way. Unfortunately, others did not. But having someone confirm what I believed all along is both fantastic and guilt inducing. Of course I’m pleased that my mothering instincts are workin

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